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Bird Watching on Your East African Safaris

bird wathing

Birds have over the centuries delighted people of all generations from across the world mainly because of their flight power and their beauty. Historically, birds have been considered as omens. In Africa for example, it is still believed that the calls as well as their flights foretell the future. Here are some great reasons why you should join the hundreds of bird watching holiday Africa enthusiasts next time you visit the continent.

  • Fun. You get some deep satisfaction and a connection is made between your inner man and the beauty of Mother Nature.
  • Health. Most East African safaris involve some bit of walking in the wild. Bird watching is no exception; you will get a taste of the raw, fresh jungle air-pollution free!
  • Companionship. One of the things visitors note in the gorilla safaris Uganda expeditions they take is how some bird species and gorillas seem to get along. Some visitors say that the companionship of these animals inspires their own companionship as it gets strangers talking about the bird-gorilla relationship. Birders meeting for the first time during the gorilla treks love to share the new stuff they learn.

So there you have it, the three main reasons why bird watching is a must-do activity during your safari holiday.


Consider Gorilla Trekking for Your Next Holiday

rwanda tour

Choosing a holiday destination can be difficult because of the many destinations and experiences available. If you are looking for an exciting, unique and fulfilling holidaying experience away from the typical sandy beaches, gorilla trekking is definitely for you. A Rwanda safari particularly to the Virunga Mountains makes for a unique and close-quarters experience with the gentle and awe inspiring gorillas.

Choose the best tour company

As with any other holiday experience, maximizing on Gorilla trekking largely depends on choosing the best tour company. African Crane Safaris is among the leading gorilla safaris Rwanda companies offering a range of packages to suit any traveler. Adventure options include fishing trips, big-game drives, wildlife tours, cultural tours and of course mountain hiking and trekking to see gorillas face to face. A three week safari is perfect for unwinding far away from the hustle and bustle of big city life the way nature intended.

So what should you expect from a good tour company? The company should have good relationships with local quality lodges and hotels to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. The company should also have experienced guides to ensure that you get an authentic African experience on your Rwanda tours. Lastly, the company should make your safety a priority and offer packages to suit different travelers’ needs including family holidays, solo tours and group tours.