Four Activities to Engage in On Your Next Trip around East Africa

A lot goes through your mind when you think of an Africa Safari. This is because of the immense beauty presented by the tropics. There are many travel destinations in East Africa and African Crane Safaris will give you the most memorable experience. You can do a lot in reconnecting with nature and the activities include:

  1. Chimpanzee Tracking & Gorilla Trekking

Uganda tours offer intense outdoor activities in the tropical forests. A three-day expedition that involves chimpanzee tracking will give you the best sights of chimpanzees. The chimps in the rain forests have very unpredictable patterns because of their mobile states. However, after the 4 to 5 hours walk in the forest, you are assured of watching these primates in their most natural habitats. The experience is unique and you will learn about different types of chimps and primates in the forest.

The Gorilla trekking experience is extremely unrivaled and so exciting.


  1. Birding

The rain forest climate is filled with a diversity of flora and this makes it the perfect home for exotic bird species. Uganda safaris offer enchanting birding safaris exposing you to beautiful bird species in different parks.

  1. Wildlife

Africa is known for its wildlife. The destinations covered by Uganda Safaris will take you to different parks with many wild animals. The tour guides know the animal pattern and you will not be disappointed by being at a point at a wrong time.

  1. Cultures

A visit to any East Africa country assures you of cultural interactions. You get to lean about the foods, lifestyle, and music and enjoy the warmth and friendliness of the locals. Fishing is also available and the locals will entice you into taking part in fishing using their fishing styles then enjoy the meal after fishing.

A trip to any East African Destination will assure you of memorable and breathtaking sights and experiences. The packages offered by Uganda safaris are reasonable and making the trip will be worth every dime!


The Luxury in Africa Safari Holidays

Are you thinking of luxury gorilla safari holidays? Well, you are at the right place. African Crane Safaris is one of the leading tour operators based in Uganda. However, their services cut across the East Africa region. This gives you the opportunity to experience incredible wildlife encounters. The East Africa region is full of varieties of wildlife. Talk of the big five: lion, elephant, hippo, buffalo and leopard. Did you know that the African elephant is the biggest land mammal in the world? You probably did not have an idea about it because you have only seen them on documentaries and in pictures.

Being there in person is a very different experience. Most of us have been to the zoos countless times, but that is nothing compared to gorilla safaris Uganda, or any other game viewing adventure. For the most part, animals in the zoo are raised and even treated as pets. You do not want to imagine what they look like when they are in an environment where they are raised and treated like beasts. The site of a lion feeding in the open field is breathtaking. It is nothing compared to the lions in the zoo that only roar and sleep all day in their cages.

Why Choose Luxury Gorilla Safari Holidays

gorila tracking

Looking forward to your first African safari? While most of the world has lost a better part of its wildlife, Africa has so much wildlife to offer. It is time to enjoy your finest outdoor safari in the wild. Get to know what the Mother Nature has to offer with one of luxury gorilla safari holidays that will take your breath away.

Most of these packages come with pre-tour briefing. You will be informed about gorillas and the journey you are about to make. This is a good place to learn more about the wild and in particular gorillas. Observing gorillas will give you an everlasting thrill. This is besides following some of the numerous animal trails. It will test your animal tracking skills. You can bring along your camera to photograph gorillas as they relate to each other.

Gorilla safaris Uganda will also take to the community of pygmies. They are probably just a myth to you. You will get the exclusive opportunity to interact with them and learn about their way of life. Some experiences are unforgettable and you cannot afford to miss on this one. You also get to enjoy special operator tour rates if you book with some of the leading tour guide companies. The deals with fully operational four wheel drive vehicles to take make sure your tour is smooth.

Bird Watching on Your East African Safaris

bird wathing

Birds have over the centuries delighted people of all generations from across the world mainly because of their flight power and their beauty. Historically, birds have been considered as omens. In Africa for example, it is still believed that the calls as well as their flights foretell the future. Here are some great reasons why you should join the hundreds of bird watching holiday Africa enthusiasts next time you visit the continent.

  • Fun. You get some deep satisfaction and a connection is made between your inner man and the beauty of Mother Nature.
  • Health. Most East African safaris involve some bit of walking in the wild. Bird watching is no exception; you will get a taste of the raw, fresh jungle air-pollution free!
  • Companionship. One of the things visitors note in the gorilla safaris Uganda expeditions they take is how some bird species and gorillas seem to get along. Some visitors say that the companionship of these animals inspires their own companionship as it gets strangers talking about the bird-gorilla relationship. Birders meeting for the first time during the gorilla treks love to share the new stuff they learn.

So there you have it, the three main reasons why bird watching is a must-do activity during your safari holiday.

Consider Gorilla Trekking for Your Next Holiday

rwanda tour

Choosing a holiday destination can be difficult because of the many destinations and experiences available. If you are looking for an exciting, unique and fulfilling holidaying experience away from the typical sandy beaches, gorilla trekking is definitely for you. A Rwanda safari particularly to the Virunga Mountains makes for a unique and close-quarters experience with the gentle and awe inspiring gorillas.

Choose the best tour company

As with any other holiday experience, maximizing on Gorilla trekking largely depends on choosing the best tour company. African Crane Safaris is among the leading gorilla safaris Rwanda companies offering a range of packages to suit any traveler. Adventure options include fishing trips, big-game drives, wildlife tours, cultural tours and of course mountain hiking and trekking to see gorillas face to face. A three week safari is perfect for unwinding far away from the hustle and bustle of big city life the way nature intended.

So what should you expect from a good tour company? The company should have good relationships with local quality lodges and hotels to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. The company should also have experienced guides to ensure that you get an authentic African experience on your Rwanda tours. Lastly, the company should make your safety a priority and offer packages to suit different travelers’ needs including family holidays, solo tours and group tours.

Enjoy adventurous tours through in delve at Rwanda Tours

kibale chimp tracking-toti (1)

Africa is one of the rich countries, which have been blessed with dense forest. So, it is quite obvious that this desalination have a great volume for the fauna or flora. This destination is not only good for the travel enthusiast, but it is value aided place for the zoology and botany student. Here, you will find the various varieties for its residence. Rwanda Tours has been dashed with more than 1000 hills. So, the tourists, who want to give special and  distinct wander lusting at this geographical location.  Visiting this place means that you have come in the contact of the nature’s paradise.  This country has been awarded with fine food and best heritage culture.  In the Rwanda Safari, you will come in the conjunction of the high amplitude mountains.  This destination is suitable for those, who have a special craze to enjoy the adventurous tour rather than monuments and visiting place.  Depending upon the affectation towards the particular mammals, you will take the real shape to your desire into reality.

As you are taking frequent visit in this country, you will get different package and it relates to the Gorillas, Chimpanzees and cultural tors as well. It is wish of the customer that they want to delve in which packages. To enjoy all especial event without any hindrance, you would have to cast your query on the search engine databases. A lot of resources are available to complete your adventurous tour related enigma. But, no destination will provide the superb service as African Crane Safaris and Logistics Uganda Ltd. We are helping various clients in the context of to broaden their knowledge to respective wild . From our destination , you will get privilege Gorilla Safaris Rwanda. To know more information, you will browse our web portal.

Contact the Most Reliable Travel Agency and Experience an Exciting Trip

african-crane tour

Trips and tours are always an exciting endeavor. These are not only enthralling, but also carry a lot of other kinds of implications. A person gets bored off the daily errands of the everyday life. In such as scenario, there is hardly any fun filled plan that she/he can take recluse in. the best idea is to plan a trip to a distant place. There are several places all around the world which must be visited. Through traveling, our knowledge gets enhanced and we get to know about new things and cultures. There are several agencies which offer help you in planning a successful endeavor.

We, at African Crane Safaris, are one of the leading travel agencies who help the tourists in getting right packages of Gorilla Safaris Uganda in order to make the trip all the memorable. We have been in this industry since a lot of time and have been delivering effective services. Our Uganda and Rwanda Gorilla Tours are full of fun filled activities. These enable the tourist to explore the aesthetic as well as wildlife bounty of the concerned place.

Therefore, you can contact us in order to avail our assistance. Our Uganda Safaris are highly constructive and let you save your money as our assistance can b e availed at reasonable prizes. We help you in designing your tour effectively from lodging to the overall journey and makes it a worth and memorable experience.

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Play a big drive game through Gorilla Safaris at Rwanda

Tour and travel service is a broad term in itself, and nobody can narrowed its scope. Definitely, it is not restricted to visit some sightseeing, historical places, monument and any other similar place. Being the wanderlust, you will get an authorization to read the each page of the globe in a systematic way. On owing this passion, you will come to close of the nature in a short time period. Hence, you should not leave an innovative idea to know about the fauna and flora of the surrounding. Give a new direction to disclose the nature, and wild life through jump in the adventurous event.

For this, an individual must have to visit the the continent of the south Africa. This country is a hub center for the dense forest, where you will be introduced with wild animal and know their behaviors. Visiting to this true companion, any student and business entrepreneur can get rid of tired urban life schedule. Therefore, you must have to go through the nominated destination to take the safari of the wild life animals. If you have to observe their traits and habit to protect them from the invasion of the enemy, then you must make take the adventurous package from the travel agency.

But, you should not hold the exact idea to consider which organization is suitable for this purpose. With the help of internet, you will come in the contact of African Crane Safaris and Logistics Uganda Ltd . Here, you will introduced with various packages to saturate the requirement for the adventurous trip. At this, we hold various species of the wild animal. The children can get the entertainment and leisure service through Gorilla and chimpagi trekking. On taking the Gorilla Safaris Rwanda, you will know the best behavior and habits of this creature. From us, you can take the enjoyment of the big game drive. We have a good specialization to celebrate your vacation and holiday through trekking service, fishing and birding excursion, cultural tours etc. We are also includes the packages for Gorilla Trekking Rwanda. To know more information, visit our online portal.

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